English: Jesus ascending to heaven

English: Jesus ascending to heaven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is locked into the heart of our human nature to desire to ascend. We aspire to increase in stature, in wealth, beauty, power; there is no limit to list of accomplishments we envision. Why then, does so little of the accomplishments we would do, ever happen for us in actuality?

There are steps required in the getting and doing of everything. It is not possible to get a drink of water unless we engage the proper procedures to so. It is not possible to build a house unless we assemble the necessary items for building a house.

Too often we dream a dream and place no credibility in that vision; therefore, we fail to look for the path to the realization of the dream.

Sometimes we have dreamed a thought not worthy of birth; but we may have whatever we allow the mind of our hearts to formulate, Jesus said so.   Jesus advised us many times in the Scriptures to be careful of the thoughts we think and the words we say. What does He know about the power of process regarding the employment of those activities?

We are not on this earth without the power to “bring into existence” either good things or bad things. The responsibility is ours to be discerning, and prayerfully thoughtful in the living of our lives.

We must have a “plan,” a goal, or else we float with every breeze that blows against us. More often than not we then find ourselves placed where we never wanted to go. Perhaps we find ourselves in a marriage we simply slipped into, or living in a place we do not enjoy, or suffering illness because we did not recognize the need to order our lives in healthy ways.

Some will eventually find themselves in Hell, and The Lord knows they never planned to go there.

There are “steps” we must take and plans to be made if we want to avoid the ditches of life. That is true of the dimension we live in currently, and also true of the dimension we will live in after the here and now.

Jesus said, “Come to Me,” “I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no man comes to the Father except by Me.” “He who comes to Me, I will never cast out.”

Now, those are some steps we must all take to plan for a future that is beautiful and wonderful, and lasts forever and forever.

The chances of residing in Heaven are not, as some have said 50%/50%, because there are two places to go.  By the time we leave this life, the odds are 100%; we will reside in Heaven most assuredly, or in Hell most assuredly; it all depends on the steps taken now to “plan” the course.

This is a proclamation of good news! We are all invited to live with God forever in the joys of Heaven, only it requires of us to take the “Step” of calling out to Jesus for the Salvation He has provided to us and pleads with us to receive.

Step Up now!

Ramona: 05/12/13


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