“Let your gentleness be known by all men.” Philippians  4:5


Each one of us have  ‘short wick spots’ within our emotional make-up. 

The more reflective B type personalities have their own deficits too, but we who are A personalities tend to be highly deficient in our ability to endure the thoughtless actions of others when they interrupt our full and tight schedules. 

To those who view our tense goal driven thrusts, we must appear to be cold and mean.  But that summary really isn’t properly  descriptive of what we are feeling within ourselves. Never-the-less, God has a Word for US that says that He understands us, and at the same time He advises us to, “Cool it.”

As an A personality I and have received much reprimand from Christian Brothers and Sisters who are more laid back and slower moving.  They have called me, “Fiery,”  when I was being only focused, and determined, and true to my intentions .

I doubt that our Brand A intensity communicates to friends, children, parents or spouses, our love and concern for them IF we are too consumed in our goal orientation.  We may, and most likely do, perform for them many supportive services and yet, they continue to feel less than important to us.  I believe that to be one of the B Brand deficits.

There is no way to mesh us together into one shape and to erase the differences that are innate in our personalities.  God has made us different, and He likes each of us just like He made us.

I recall my brother Adriano, who was born into another culture.  He had been an American Citizen for quite a long time but to him Christian women were not to be leaders nor to voice opinions forthrightly.  

Adriano and I were members of the same Prayer Group for many years, and for many years he corrected me; he tried very diligently to get me corrected, to make of me a “Godly behaving, gentle, proper Christian woman.”

 We were observing a Passover Celebration on the particular day to which I refer: in the process of prayer time Adriano began to laugh loudly and inappropriately.  After the prayer was finished he spoke to the Group saying that the Lord had told him to leave me alone.  He said the Lord told him, “I made her fiery; I like her fiery.”  That was great news to me!   It took a burden off Adriano also.

However, that did not mean that the Lord liked all my behaviors. 

I have learned to tamper my inner drive, to be patient with myself and with others if I don’t get all my list completed;  not that I have arrived, but the path is becoming clearer.

The Lord spoke to me on one occasion, when from behind the windshield of my car, I called another driver a “stupid jerk!”  I could feel His hurt, so I apologized to Him but followed it with, “I don’t know what is wrong with it though, they deserved it!”  He spoke to me saying, “It is just that it does not show a gentle spirit.”

“A tranquil spirit is of great value in the sight of the Lord.”

The world in which we live requires great and applied Wisdom so that we are not deceived as we walk out our  lives.   All at the same time, we must be applied to working and accomplishing things, and still, to be loose in our inner self with a peace; a peace that generates the ability to be accepting of ourselves.

We tend either to project our failures to be the fault of those around us, or we will inner accuse and grow impatient and discouraged with ourselves, and with those around us also.

We may think that to “Watch Jesus” is not applicable to our experiences.  After all, He is God and He can do anything He wants to do.  Isn’t that right?   No; not actually; when Jesus wanted to do many things while here on Earth, He could not do them for various reasons; unbelief of those around Him was a deterrent.  Rejection of His Presence was often a deterrent, such as when He wanted to spend some time in Samaria, but the Samaritan’s  said, “No!”  

Jesus did not say, “Now look here, I have a job to do and you will not get in My way!”  What He did was simply go to another place.

“The Devil has a habit of pointing at me, accusing me of what he is, and wishes me to be.” 

That is a Truth to which we must be alerted at all times.  When we are of a driven personality, or a laid back personality; when we are whatever we are innately, the devil has watched us and knows the buttons to push to bring about negative, accusing, unpleasant responses from us, causing a destructive atmosphere that squelches creativity and productivity, peace and happiness.  This is not pleasing to the Lord Who is a God of Love and Peace, and yet Who is unimaginably creative and productive.

“The servant of the Lord must NOT strive with men.”                II Tim. 2: 24

“A tranquil spirit is of great value in the sight of the Lord.”       II Peter 3:4

“Let your gentle, patient moderation be known by all men.”   Philippians  4: 5                          



Ramona: 07/11/2013




“When you are in bed, look deep down inside yourself, and be silent”  

(Psalm 4: 4b)                   

 David was encouraging  himself

as he sat in the fields and played

his harp, with only God to hear

his words and to understand

what he had to say.


Reflecting there before his Maker,

he would so honest be,

remembering how that

God, was always there for him

and how that the people, and he,

were so filled with sin.


He began to ask questions,

asked in God’s behalf,

“How long will you serve

what will surely fail you?”

“How long will you pray to

handmade gods?”


David comforted himself

by saying, “God has set

the righteous apart;

but we must be careful

to keep  vigilant watch

over our heart.”


“When you are angry, do not sin.”

To make sure of this,

look deeply within;

and when on your bed

be quiet, and evaluate feelings

that hide deep inside of you.


Gain some understanding of why

you feel like you do.  Judge it

yourself  in the Light of God’s Word.

Confess your sins and start over again:

this is a wonderful way to end the day.

Sins have a way to hid His face,

unless we confess those sins. (Isa. 59:2)


So be pure in motive and  in word,

and then, have the assurance

that when you pray to God,

you will be heard;  

and “If you are by Him heard,

you will have that for which you pray.”

(I John 5:15)




 Ramona Cook,      6/29/2008 11:35:43 PM


I’ll write it for my eyes to see

if no one cares to hear me.

They say, “she speaks too



I’m left to wonder

what the problem really is

for in every other kind of biz

we speak decisively

to get the POINT across;

we speak dynamically,

colorfully, with verbs so

strong, but when speaking

of religious things,

compelled I am to be

one who suggests and speaks

with gentle passivity.


So let me say, like for real,

because with souls of men I deal,

I’m breaking out of this seal,

I’m going to tell it like God says it;

does no one see, God never

measures His words by the

yard stick of politically

correct hooey phooey?


Even politicians don’t use

that measure, just in case

not to offend, they speak out boldly,

loud and clear, with intense fervor

so all can hear the message that

they bring; but when it comes to

life and death, I am supposed to be

gentle, non-confrontational,

loving and kind; acting as if I have

no real thing to say. 


Trying to suggest,

that maybe you should consider

there may be a heaven and a hell,

sounding so complacent, being a true bore;

Go away!  I will tolerate it no more!                


RAMONA :  07/09/2013

Going Home On A Different Path

When the men of the city brought the woman taken in adultery to Jesus to quiz Him about what should happen to her for her sinful behavior they were, according to the Scripture text, not really concerned about the woman’s spiritual or physical condition, but their question to Jesus was an effort to entrap Him in a public disagreement with Jewish Law.  John 8: 3

Getting rid of Jesus was their primary concern.

What Jewish Law really said is that she and the man involved must be stoned to death.  A notable observation is that the man was never presented to Jesus for His view on this matter.  More notable is the fact that Jesus seems not to be overly interested in the sin that had occurred.  All He said was that the person among the accusers who had no sin in them should cast the first stone at her.

Two actions of Jesus are prominent in this account.  One is, that saying nothing more, He simply began to write some type of information on the ground.  Based on what then happened we can assume that He wrote the sins of each one of the woman’s accusers in the dirt, because one by one, beginning with the oldest to the youngest, they all walked away.

Jesus then spoke to the woman asking her, “Where are your accusers, did none of them condemn you?”

She answered that no one had condemned her.  Jesus’ response to her was, “Neither do I condemn you.  Go home now and stop your sinning.”

Jesus’ primary concern for us is to stop our sinning; whatever type of sin that maybe.  We may be forgiven of anything, but the proof of our acceptance of that forgiveness is that we walk on a different path thereafter.

The men of that city, the accusers, also went home on a different path than that on which they had arrived.  Their own sin had been exposed and they recognized that they were not worthy to accuse or to execute judgment on anyone else.

This is the story of us today as well.  Jesus is concerned for us to stop our sinning.  He has no desire to hurt us for what we have done, but only that we cease from the doing of it.  Because Jesus knows that the effects of sin will bring its own crushing hurt to us, and that is what He does not want us to experience.

“If we would judge ourselves, we will not be judged by God.”  I Corinthians 11: 31

If we will confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”   I John 1: 9

The challenge for us is identify our sins and we cannot easily do that without exposure to the Word of God.  Our Path to “Home” must be filled with the Presence of God accessed by the study of His Word as found in The Holy Bible.

From reading the Scriptures we can become as did the accusing persons, who saw their sins exposed and realized that they must acknowledge their own sins, as well they understood that they could not condemn anyone else.

From reading the Scriptures we may also be as the woman, taken in the serious sin of adultery, who found that God did not wish to kill her for her sin, but rather, He wanted her to cease the sinning.

Everything God asks of us to do, or to not do, is for our protection.  He truly is a God of Love.

When we refuse His Path and His forgiveness, we have placed ourselves in a position for experiencing the judgment that sin will execute upon us.  “Man chooses his own way and then complains  against God for the outcome.”   Proverbs 19: 3

We have no choice but to walk on some path; good judgment is to take the best road “Home.”

The Good News is this: today you and I may choose a different path if we need to do so, and be on the Protected Path that leads us “Home.”  Jesus wants us to be free, happy, and blessed; those are benefits shed like gentle showers over the Path of Righteous Living.

Ramona:  07/06/2013