I’ll write it for my eyes to see

if no one cares to hear me.

They say, “she speaks too



I’m left to wonder

what the problem really is

for in every other kind of biz

we speak decisively

to get the POINT across;

we speak dynamically,

colorfully, with verbs so

strong, but when speaking

of religious things,

compelled I am to be

one who suggests and speaks

with gentle passivity.


So let me say, like for real,

because with souls of men I deal,

I’m breaking out of this seal,

I’m going to tell it like God says it;

does no one see, God never

measures His words by the

yard stick of politically

correct hooey phooey?


Even politicians don’t use

that measure, just in case

not to offend, they speak out boldly,

loud and clear, with intense fervor

so all can hear the message that

they bring; but when it comes to

life and death, I am supposed to be

gentle, non-confrontational,

loving and kind; acting as if I have

no real thing to say. 


Trying to suggest,

that maybe you should consider

there may be a heaven and a hell,

sounding so complacent, being a true bore;

Go away!  I will tolerate it no more!                


RAMONA :  07/09/2013


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