“It’s all in the day.”
That’s what they say
when things go wrong,
when there is no song
of delight
because some person
of other opinion
took privilege
with the stuff
under your dominion.

“Oh! It’s perfectly legal,”
they yelp and spew;
knowing all the while
that they have robbed you.
Funny how these
are of those
who only see,
“This is oh so right,
because, it’s good for ME!”

This world is so polluted
and getting more so every day;
it makes me want to run away,
but where could I go?
What could I do?
I think that I shall
choose wisely
only a few
of persons of whom
I will allow
myself to trust.

Then of the rest
I’ll watch my back,
hold on to my pocketbook,
and keep excellent track
of all I owe.
Now doesn’t this sound senile?
I’ve a new revelation!!
The older folks aren’t sick,
they just KNOW the situation.

Having traveled the block
more times than once
they’ve got your number,
it’s not just a hunch.
It’s sad, but it’s true
there are not many who,
when it comes to money,
will not take it from you.

Ramona: 06 07 08 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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