About Me


Scriptures (Photo credit: Aswin Anand)

I am as serious as a heartbeat about life in the natural, as we think of it, and life in the spiritual, as we name it; the two being the same thing.

I am a grandmother; now don’t go away, I have lived awhile and I have things to say, so don’t count me out because I’m still “in tune.” I know all the things that goes on in life’s room!

I am an ordained minister of Jesus Christ. I have a couple of papers hanging on my wall, I love to learn from The Scriptures
because they give street wisdom to us all.

Don’t think of them as “old” and not relevant, for like the old sun that warms our bodies today and gives light for us to see, They inform us of how life was, and is, and will be for eternity.



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